PARDES is a center for ‘values education’. PARDES is an NGO operating for more than a decade in the educational arena in Israel. We, a group of 25-35 years old Israelis, have established PARDES as a result of our sense of belonging and commitment towards the Israeli society. PARDES is part of the cooperative kibbutz renewal process. It is a work-branch of Kibbutz Pelech, a small kibbutz, located in the higher western Galilee, not far from the border with Lebanon. Every year, we interact with more than ten thousands students, teachers and educators. We work in hundreds of educational frameworks such as the Ministry of Education, the Association for Community Centers (matnasim), local governments, schools, youth movements and organizations, NGOs and private organizations.

Our work is based on workshops that confront the youth with the hottest issues of the Israeli society. 

We generate critical thinking based on dialogue. We encourage the development of opinions and personal point of views. 

We give an alternative to fatalism by showing that changing the reality is always an option. We educate for a just and democratic society. 

We present to the youth an alternative to the hatred, fear and racism that unfortunately shapes the present Israeli discourse. 

We educate to peace seeking and promote a co-existing society that includes a range of cultures and opinions.

The main characteristics of PARDES educational process

A variety of programs and workshops – Our workshops include actual and eventful meetings with people, visiting places, as well as the use of nowadays technologies (smart phones, social networks).

The educator as an active partner – the schools’ educational staff is our partner. Together we design the program to accommodate it to the various needs. Together we prepare and process it. This partnership leads to an active participation of the staff in the delivery of our workshops to the youth.

Each participant plays an active role in all activities. The workshops are delivered to an organic group in which each position is heard. It enables the students to go through important transformation processes- to reexamine their point of view, together with a group they belong to.

Help us stay in the front


In order to reach more and more youth, we need additional resources to support our educational programs.

A donation of 3,000 NIS (800 USD) will allow us to reach another class (40 kids), 50,000 NIS (12,500 USD) will open our program to another school and 100,000 NIS will help us work in an entire small town.

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